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At CoastX Marketing, we offer a suite of services to help businesses maximize their potential. We specialize in social media marketing, Google ad campaigns, Hulu ads, and Netflix ads. We have been helping businesses achieve success since 2010 and our strategies guarantee that you get the most out of your campaigns – up to 200 leads per month! With our expertise and insights, we ensure that your business reaches its goals and grows.

CoastX Marketing can help you generate 100-200 leads per month for any business. Our team of ad experts has been delivering quality results since 2010 and is experienced in campaigns across multiple platforms, including social media, Google, Hulu, and Netflix. Give us a try and let us show you how we can maximize your business potential!

We specialize in a variety of different platforms for our client’s advertising needs, including social media and streaming services. Our expert team can develop strategies for multiple platforms including Google, Hulu, Netflix, and more! With our help, you can maximize your business potential and generate 100-200 leads per month.

We firmly believe in the power of local results. While our core market lies in the United States, we are open to working with international clients as well. Our team has vast experience and knowledge of international markets, and our services are available on demand.